TREKS K-3000

"Our TREKS K3000 CNC Router processing centre is designed to maintain the highest level of speed and quality processing performance while accommodating the diverse wood processing technologies of today's industry."

· TREKS K3000 CNC Advantages

- The 4800 kg Treks K3000 CNC Router is built from a single piece of steel, enabling the user to achieve zero polling and maximum processing. - The excellent design and control panel of Treks K3000 provide users with more usage options. - Treks K3000 comes equipped with optimized software and user dynamics, ensuring that it is always at the user's disposal. - The Treks K3000 table protection system prevents the spindle or processing knife on the machine from touching the table. This serves to protect both the user and the machine against any accidents. - The Italian men's TPA control program is used in our Treks K3000 model.

*   Automatic Unloading Conveyor

The Automatic Unloading Conveyor is located at the front of the production machine. It uses an unloading and sweeping system that does not alter the cutting process. The unloading process is sensor-based, which enables the parts to shift as the front parts are removed. This feature ensures that all parts are collected from the front parts without any hassle.


Automatic Loading System

The Automatic Loading System is designed to streamline the process of moving completed plates to the unloading tank and preparing the table for the next plate. The system automatically registers the new plate on the table once the previous plate has been moved to the unloading tank and the table has been cleared.

·    TREKS K3000 CNC Features

* Provides maximum efficiency with equal-quality processing features in the entire processing area.

* It provides air-cooled processing thanks to the air-cooled Italian hiteco brand Spindle engine as standard.

* Highly efficient vacuum unit in all areas prevents error removal in the processed product and ensures minimum energy consumption.

* It offers automatic tool changing with 14 tool holders and performs fully automatic processing.

* It offers the opportunity to change your tools as you wish with the automatic tool-changing system.

* 250 m3/h vacuum applications on the entire table in the Treks K3000 unit provide greater adhesion to the table in the processed area.

* Treks K3000 table protection system prevents the Spindle or processing knife on your machine from touching the table, protecting you and your machine against other accidents. 

·     TREKS K3000 CNC Optional Features

* Our Treks K3000 model can be equipped with a cyclic rotating magazine.

* Our Treks K3000 model has 14 tool strengths as standard. This number can be increased by 14 and its multiples.

* Multiple hole groups can be added to our Treks K3000 model.

                                                             Technical Specifications 



WORKSPACE                               : 2100 X 2800/3700 X 200 mm


DRIVE GEAR                               : 2-module helical hardened rack gear, WSP branded (  German Origin)


SPINDLE MOTOR RATING               : 12 Kw with automatic interchanging tools ISO 30, OLI-branded/HITECO  ( Italian origin)


SPINDLE MOTOR SPEED            : 24000 RPM


TOOL MAGAZINE                      : 14-piece fixed magazine with 14 İso 30 tool holders


RAIL AND CONVEYOR                  : Y-axis 35mm, X-axis 25 mm rail and  conveyor


LUBRICATION                        : 13-zone octopus-type automatic lubricant pump


DRIVE MOTORS                       : X and Y axes 1,5Kw, Z axis 0,75Kw with a stopper, Delta branded Ethercat servo motor and drive


X AXIS SPEED                        : 80 meters/minute


Y-AXIS SPEED                        : 80 meters/minute


Z-AXIS SPEED                        : 15 meters/minute


CAM PROGRAM                      : ALPHACAM 2D (For Rent)


CONTROL SYSTEM                   : TPA Pc Control Unit ( ItalianOrigin)


BLADE RESET                        :  Automatic


LOAD                               :Automatic


UNLOAD                            :Automatic


AUTOMATIC SWEEP                 :  Standard


VACUUM                           : 2 x 250 m3/h, Becker branded dry vacuum pumps


VACUUM TRAY                     : 20mm, 5083 serial Aluminum tray, 6-zone/8-zone automatic electrical vacuum chamber


READY TO USE CAPACITY            : Min 15Kw, Max 27Kw


WEIGHT                           : 4800 Kg


AIR CONSUMPTION                : 6-8 Bar



Machinery operating with CNC Technologies are naturally expected of high standards of precision by their users. Besides a precisely honed construction and a rail system with the right amount of thickness and quality to obtain the expected precision,  the decision to choose the rack gear is also crucial for obtaining the expected amount of precision in the machining and cutting processes. Our company prefers the German-origin, honed and hardened rack and pinion gears due to their longevity and precision qualities compared to the lower-cost straight gears or helical soft rack and pinion gears.



The Italian OLI/ HITECO/ HSK brand spindle motor which can produce  12Kw of power and has 24000 rpm is used in Treks K200. İSO30 ER 32 is the tool holder of choice. 






 The interchanging tools function is standard as a fixed magazine with İSO 30 ER 32 in Treks K-3000




Rail and conveyors are among the most important parts of a CNC bench. The whole model range produced by our company comes standard with high processing quality and longevity. All the rail and conveyors, without exception, from the biggest to the smallest are used with the above-mentioned thicknesses in all their benches.





The planet reductor which is among the many reductor types, is a machinery equipment commonly used in many different industries,which can cope with high amounts of torque. Planet reductors which can work in harmony with servo motors help the distribution of torque to different gears.. They also provide high operating efficiency at low rpm. Our reductor of choice in Treks K200 is the LIMING brand with a 120mm perimeter and has the capacity of sevenfold reinforcing, which can cope with high levels of torque with its 32mm. Axle diameter and has a superior level of coupling with servo motor axle compared to other brands.





The servo motor capacity choices in Treks K-3000 are Ethercat communicated servo motor and drive with 1,5kw for the X and Y axes and 1Kw with a stopper function for the Z axis








2 piece Becker-branded  dry vacuum pumps with a 250m3/h vacuum flow  are used in Treks K3000






 Italian-originated TPA Pc controller with high safety standards is used as the control unit in Treks K-3000. TPA Pc Controller enables its operator to solve the daily problems caused by the alarms bay having an internal post-alarm solving unit. TPA can prevent  operator-based errors in the nesting executions and can execute several cutting files simultaneously with the help of AI Technology






With the help of automatic blade reset; after each blade is measured, their off-set data is automatically stored in Treks K200. Moreover, each off-set can determine its limit and the blades cannot penetrate the tray in jog and program modes.







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For over two decades, REKSİS CNC has been delivering cutting-edge woodworking machinery to the furniture manufacturing, advertising, and woodworking industries. Our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence has made us a trusted partner for countless businesses around the world. Experience the power of our comprehensive and innovative machine technologies and take your business to new heights with REKSİS CNC.


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